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Mick Carbo, Executive coach

If there is one word that best describes Mick, it is passionate. His love for his family, business and life in general is inspiring. This is what makes him a powerful coach and leader.

Mick loves to coach people around creating results they would normally regard as impossible. His ideal clients are up to big things in their lives. They desire to reinvent themselves, their careers or their businesses. Mick locks arms with his clients with the intention to co-generate their dream life.

As an entrepreneur who has owned and operated several successful businesses over the years, Mick brings his dynamic professional experience to the table with his coaching clients. Mick is especially skilled in the area of building, managing and coaching high performance teams in business. Developing leaders is his specialty.

Mick has been married to his wife, Tara, for fourteen years. They are best friends, business partners and are raising three amazing children together. Their commitment to each other through thick and thin has created a timeless bond and an insightful adventure.

Dedicated to his own personal development, Mick is always learning something new to increase his awareness and perspective. He zealously reads books, attends seminars and gets training from some of the world's top leaders.

Some call Mick "the obstacle crusher" because of the hardships and circumstances he has overcome. He has gone from financial independence, to losing it all winding up in debt, to debt free and successful again.

With his story, training, business and life experiences, Mick empowers his clients to reach inside and bring out their inner champion.

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Annie Fitzgerald is an engaging and experienced Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach committed to every aspect of a business and an individual. She has the innate ability to communicate and connect with people to create unprecedented awareness and results.

Annie has coached a wide variety of individuals and companies who are called to create results they believe are “impossible.” The wide range of areas include leadership and business development, corporate culture improvement, and creating a surplus of personal abundance in time, health, and wealth.

With over 3,000 hours in coaching, Annie is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education, and a Certified Mentor Coach. Annie has completed two ICF-approved training programs and has spent six years training individuals to become executive and life coaches. Annie was honored as the 2014 Coach of the Year through the Washington State International Coach Federation. She has held several leadership roles, both domestic and international, for Accomplishment Coaching, and she served as their chief operating officer for four years, overseeing all operations of the Coaches Training and Leadership Program in six cities and two countries.

Before coaching, Annie worked with nonprofit organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy of King and Snohomish Counties, earning years of experience in managing teams and in overseeing and training staff. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and English from Eastern Michigan University. Annie has traveled extensively to more than 40 countries and currently volunteers with a foundation in Seattle that distributes grants to small organizations focusing on education, sustainable farming, and leadership development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Annie lives with her husband, two children and a small posse of animals in Seattle, Washington.

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Deborah is a professional life coach whose work is heart centered and values driven. Deborah believes the first step to achieving goals and making sustainable change is to know who you are at your very core—what she calls the authentic self. Deborah supports her clients in re-connecting to their core—their unique greatness—for this is the power source that fuels our lives and gives us the clarity to see and make—and the strength to keep—our commitments to ourselves and the work involved to make change, to achieve success, and to love wholeheartedly. Deborah innately provides a sacred space to do the work where clients feel safe, and know they are seen, heard, and loved unconditionally throughout the coaching process.   

Deborah is curious and compassionate by nature and often wants to know more about her clients than they know about themselves. It is from this non-judgmental place of curiosity and compassion that she listens.  Deborah uses a thought system that uses the words love and Higher Power (Source, Universe, Spirit, Oneness, God, or Higher Self—whichever name has meaning and holds significance for the client). She is exquisitely attuned to people’s inner lives, and automatically connects to the greatness she sees within each of her clients.

Deborah’s coaching education was brick and mortar, lengthy and rigorous, and ICF accredited; it provided her with a solid understanding of how best to be of service. Deborah complements her superior coaching education with over 25 years of independent study in personal growth, a first career in the performing arts in New York City, and extensive work experience in corporate America.

There are three fundamental anchors to Deborah’s work: Identifying ones’ Essence, identifying ones’ Core Values, and discovering ones’ Purpose. Through her work with client's Deborah has experienced how much easier it is to answer questions, find direction, and live our purpose when we align our lives to these three significant anchors.

Deborah Gerard is a breast cancer survivor, a stand for possibility and a warrior for the human spirit.

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garren katz, COACH

Raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. Attended Western Michigan University. Attended the University of Edinburgh. Sold roofs. Worked in QC lab at a peppermint distillery. Sold woodworking tools across North America. Sold sharpening equipment made in Sweden.

ICF certified coach, working with amazing clients all over North America. Lived in Portland, Oregon (and miss it). Lived in Seattle, Washington (and miss it). Co-founder of a small little app company in 2009, which became a bigger, cooler company, which resulted in an itsy bitsy successful exit. Founding investor in an amazing little staffing company that is rocking along six years in. Founder and (trying to learn on the fly to be) marketing director for Millner-Haufen Tool Company. Board member of Cancer Cooperative.

Married to an amazing woman who geeks out over starfish and social/emotional development in adolescence (though rarely at the same time). Father of a daughter with lots of curly hair and funny things to say. Seahawks season ticket holder since 2004. Wine lover. Red tick hound dog owner.

:: I love being a coach and working with people who are up to or want to be up to something.

:: I love enjoying wine with people who love enjoying wine.

:: I want cancer to stop running roughshod over us and need to connect with more people who are in that game.

:: I love the fact that we build tools that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers would be proud to own.

If you are interested in connecting about anything, and especially anything bulleted above, hit me up.

Go be awesome!

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Halli is a Professional Certified Coach as well as a Certified Body Centered Coach. Before embarking on a career in professional coaching, Halli practiced professional engineering for 15 years in the areas of Building Design, Construction and Project Management. Halli is a Past President of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the International Coach Federation, serves on the Board and Education Committee of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and was the Director of the Victoria Ladies Division One Squash League for five years. Halli brings the rigour, professionalism and integrity from her background in engineering and combines them with humour and heart and a commitment to people living active, empowered lives to create powerful and effective coaching relationships with each of her clients.  

She is a powerful and compelling coach and has a talent for inspiring her clients to make positive changes in their lives, inviting them to embrace change, explore new possibilities, achieve their potential and realize their dreams. She goes out to the edges in support of each one of her clients.  She is compassionate and tenacious in supporting them to reach beyond perceived limitations to achieve new levels of health, success and fulfillment. Her clients include executives, engineers, students, business owners, fundraising executives, coaches, UN development officers, geoscientists, personal trainers, pilots and physicians. In addition to private practice, Halli trains and mentors coaches as a Leader in Accomplishment Coaching's Coaches Training Program, does public speaking and facilitates retreats and professional development workshops for organizations.

A lifelong athlete and more recent champion for alternative health methodologies, Halli was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, and has approached and successfully managed this condition with a proactively positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet. 

Halli lives, works and plays in Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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Tracy maxwell, Healing coach & survivorship guide, survivor, Author, Speaker, river guide

Tracy Maxwell was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at age 36. Her first thought as a single woman living hundreds of miles from her family, and as CEO of a small company, was "How am I going to do this, and who is going to take care of me?" Two recurrences and several years later, she has written a book and formed an organization to help other single survivors through the journey. Being Single, with Cancer: A Solo Survivors Guide to Life, Love, Health and Happiness was released in 2014 with endorsements from Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Kelly Turner, PhD, among others. It has provided support, resources and hope to single survivors and others, and generated requests for one-on-one coaching, mentoring and guidance.

As a healing coach and a survivorship guide, Tracy expands possibilities by connecting clients with their vision and value to experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness. Healing literally means "to make whole." The truth is, you are all already whole and complete, but anything that has you feel otherwise is in need of healing. Whether it is thought patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, emotional trauma or even physical illness (from aches and pains to a serious diagnosis), healing them will bring you into your fullest self-expression—your beautiful, creative, fulfilled self. Solo Survivors also offers teleclasses, adventures, retreats, and an active Facebook group to connect with other survivors. If you are solo survivor, Tracy can be your guide, connecting you with resources, with other survivors and with your highest self.


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