The Cancer Cooperative programs were built with the sole intention of creating a brighter outlook for the cancer community.


Coach Cancer

Besides the physical hurdles cancer patients and survivors face, the disease can also bring with it a sense of uncertainty about how the patient has lived their life, and how they want to live moving forward. Very often, people touched by cancer find themselves looking at life differently, and this can be overwhelming—it’s hard to return to what once seemed normal, and it’s difficult to communicate these changes and feelings to others, even close family and friends.

The goal of Coach Cancer is to provide cancer patients and survivors the resources they need to find a sense of balance, and ultimately a sense of well-being, in their personal and professional lives.

Through Coach Cancer, patients, survivors, and caregivers can access a national network of life and business coaches who specialize in the specific needs of the cancer community. These professionals can help tackle the unique personal and professional challenges people face during diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Our coaches partner with their clients to create positive life changes—changes that foster well-being and healing. With a coach, you are never alone in your journey to obtain the life you deserve.

How does it work?

Coach Cancer is a client-driven six-month program that consists of a weekly one-hour coaching call and unlimited coaching via email. Together, the coach and client identify goals the client wants to work toward; then the coach lends support, guidance, and structure in the client's journey to achieve those goals. The weekly one-hour session can be done via phone, video chat, or in person depending upon the location of the coach and client.

Clients will work with a coach to co-create projects in designing the life a client desires. While the focus of Coach Cancer is to achieve a balanced well-being, clients have total control over what they want to work on with their coach.

Who are the coaches?

Our certified coaches have either dealt directly with their own cancer or have helped other clients work through the cancer experience to achieve their life goals. They have a vested interest in understanding the unique needs of the cancer community: shifts in values and/or perspective, financial stresses, physical changes, emotional strain, body image challenges, and a sense of abandonment, among others. Our coaches bring forward a diverse pool of experiences, styles, and personalities. Learn about our coaches here.

How much does it cost?

Our coaches set their own rates, which vary depending on experience and specific expertise. Cancer Cooperative helps reduce the client’s cost in a few ways.

  • Clients can have up to three one-hour coaching sessions with different coaches at no cost. This allows clients to get a feel for coaching and different coaching styles.
  • Clients pay a monthly fee during the six-month program; Cancer Cooperative offers a 25% discount on the first three months of coaching.
  • For those experiencing financial hardship, Cancer Cooperative offers a three-month scholarship that is a 75% reduction in the monthly rate.

You can see each coach’s biography on our Coaches page.

How do I get started?

Coaching—much like an education, career development, or a personal trainer—is an investment in oneself to grow, create change, and embrace life.

When you’re ready, go to the Coaches page and click on the email link for the coach you’d like to schedule an appointment with.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!